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Friends Don't Let Friends Hate and Facebook

Step 1: Read this piece about a female Israeli soldier who mugged in front of some bound Arabs and posted the photo on Facebook.

Step 2: Imagine an Arab mugging in front of some bound Israelis or Americans.

Step 3: Imagine a man mugging in front of some bound women.

Step 4: Now imagine yourself as a decent human being with morals and feelings and a sense of justice who wouldn't do any of the things, real or imagined, depicted in Steps 1-3.


Anonymous said...

Imagine yourself living in New Jersey. Imagine Congress giving NYC home rule. Imagine NYC electing an Al Queda leader as Mayor. Now imagine him letting shipments of missiles up the Hudson into Port of NY.

librarian@play said...

I would love NYC home rule! But I don't think an Al Qaeda Party would attract as many corporate donors as the Republicans or Democrats. Unless, of course, it was in Raytheon's best interest.

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