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High School Library, the Game

My friend Albert brought this to my attention: High School Library.

There's not too much say about this, except I find it fascinating that a new medium, such as the Flash video game, promotes such an outdated image of librarianship.


porpentine11 said...

Maybe some outdated images promote play in some way. The questions, I suppose, are: Do such images also produce the kind of negativity that precludes the play of some, those who are being depicted? And How do we produce newer images that can be playfull and inclusive?

librarian@play said...

Oh, I wasn't passing judgment. I was merely pointing out an interesting juxtaposition between an old attitude and a new medium. If I were forced to pass some judgment, I'd say play is one of the best outcomes of the new mashup culture. As always, it comes down to people: the people who produce the mashups, the people who interpret their messages. And, of course, how the mashup media affect the people who produce and consume them.

porpentine11 said...

I didn't think you were really passing judgment. I just started to remember offensive outdated images, which were once fun for some people, for example, in jokes, when I stated that "Maybe some outdated images promote play," so I just wanted to qualify things with the questions.