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Bart Simpson, Scientologist

Now here is an interesting question: Can the voice of a character be trademarked? If so, who owns the rights to it, the voice actor or the show on which that voice became famous?

This question might be answered in the coming months, because Nancy Cartwright, the voice of one of the most famous cartoon voices in television history, used her distinctive vocal rendition of Bart Simpson in a robocall promoting Scientology, which she apparently has been a slave to follower of for many years.

In case the Village Voice's post on the subject is stolen by Thetans mysteriously disappears, or you're too lazy to link through, I offer the YouTube clip:

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The.Effing.Librarian said...

I was going to do a post on other cartoon characters shilling for religions, but I couldn't get past Eric Cartman for Christianity: "Jesus doesn't suck ass!"
(and then I remembered, of course, that Ronology isn't really a religion)