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Vote Early and Often

My friend Josh, whose blog I wrote about here, is now helping to build a social network for people with a social conscience:

Many, including Josh, have watched and commented with interest how Barack Obama mobilized a massive and largely grassroots effort to bring his idea of governance to the White House. Among Obama's primary tools, of course, were digital communications and social media, which signaled to a generation of voters that he might in fact affect the change he has promised.

Well, Josh and his aptly named employer are holding President-elect Obama to his word when he said: "I will open the doors to government and ask you to be involved in your own democracy again." And they are unwilling to let him forget who got him to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW. To that end, they have launched a pre-inauguration program, Ideas for Change in America, whose stated mission is:

President-Elect Obama says he wants to hear ideas from all Americans, so we're taking him up on his offer. Here's your chance to pose innovative solutions to the major problems we face and to get them heard.

Submit your ideas for how to change America, and vote for your favorites. The top idea for each cause will be presented to the Obama administration on Inauguration Day, and that's just the beginning.
So I would encourage you to join, submit your ideas, let your voice be heard, and listen to what other voices have to say.

And while you're there, throw in a vote for my idea.

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