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'Roll Review #7: Pop Culture Librarian

I have a confession: I have a blog crush on Pop Culture Librarian.

It's not a creepy crush, mind you. My wife wouldn't allow that. It's more a "I wish I could write like that" crush—the way any of us likes to be around people with admirable qualities.

Though she is, apparently, a librarian, her blog isn't about librarianship. Instead, she offers up funny anecdotes of her life and in doing so exhibits the qualities of the best librarians: wit, intellect, and a sense of humor and play.

Not many can pull off a sentence referencing a French deconstructionist and a cross-dressing Brit:

I have equal amounts of love for such things as Derrida and Madonna, Chekhov and Eddie Izzard, Doris Day and M.I.A., and Noguchi and Nellie Oleson, and if you have a few hours, I can tell you why all those ideas are related.
I suspect both Derrida and Izzard would approve of this juxtaposition.

Perhaps one day we'll find out how those ideas relate. Until then, I'll be content to keep reading about whatever pops into her mind.


Librarian Girl said...


A blog crush?? ME???


That totally made my day, you. I'm a sucker for flattery.

librarian@play said...

Well, that's forgivable. And much better than bein' a plain ol' sucker. Keep on keepin' on.